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Adding a tissue or removable filter in your mask may offer added protection. Having your mask sewn with a slot at the bottom would allow you to insert a makeshift filter between the layers of the fabric.


How much do fabric masks help?

Research into the effectiveness of different masks is surprisingly scant, but there are at least some indications that they help. That's why all facemasks being sold are double-layered, pleated flannel. To be sure, facemasks in general are not a substitute for distancing and taking all the precautions encouraged by the CDC, and local officials. Masks will not offer protection from contact with infected individuals.

Important guides for mask usage:

  1. Once you put your mask on DO NOT touch the mask until you’re ready to remove the mask. Touching the mask or your face with unwashed hands is counter productive.
  2. Wash the mask as soon as you’ve removed it. Viruses and germs can live on the mask and in the fabric. You can wash your mask in any sink with soap and water.
  3. Masks are no replacement for isolation. Avoiding others and distancing yourself is the best way to avoid infection.